REVOLT // SoMe and influencer

Influencers … what are they good for?

As you know one of the biggest trends within advertising is the use of influencers. It may sound new and complex but it’s very simple actually and is really just a modern take on good old testimonial advertising.

A famous person tells you to buy a product that they are endorsing. And you do because you trust/admire the person … despite having never met them.

Some influencers have a high number of followers. These followers tend to trust an influencer much more than they will trust your company or brand. So to promote your products it makes a lot of sense to include influencers in your marketing mix.

For Max Factor, we made a Nordic campaign using a beauty blogger and influencer from each Nordic country. This gave us access to the influencers’ network and they became the campaign faces … adding authenticity to the campaign that we couldn’t achieve with traditional models.

"I blog about my days with focus on style, travels and breakfasts."

Hanna Stefansson 
Blogger and influencer based in Stockholm.

Apart from photo shoots we interviewed each influencer and created a range of campaign materials including TV commercials and elements for digital, print and in-store media.

Film for Denmarks leading on-line auction

Bruun Rasmussen Auctioneers offers a broad range of modern furniture, lighting, sculpture, Decorative-art and much more on their on-line auction. We filmed the Danish DJ and radio host Le Gammeltoft and the trend expert Mads Arlin-Søborg when they visited the Bruun Rasmussen showroom in order to decorate there own offices. The videos were promoted with web banners placed on relevant interior websites and on Facebook.

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