Visual identity, copy and responsive web-site

CASE // BachA visual identity, copy and a responsive website for a young Danish law firm Law firms are usually conservative and have traditional tastes when it comes to their look and image. Blue, dark green, silver and black are the colours of choice for Danish law firms, except one. In order to reflect their … Read More

Airport activation taking off

CASE // RenaultAirport activation taking off For Renault Megane and Talisman airport activation we created formats suited for the standard 16:9 screens but also for the  9:16 screens. The 9:16 animations highlighted new technical features of the cars – 4Control 4-wheel drive & MultiSense. 34% of airport guests recollected these spots and the Campaign and spot recollection … Read More

Vans for the hardworking

CASE // RENAULTVans for the hardworking They get up early in the morning. Or work when others are sleeping soundly. They fix, build or transport things all day long. These are the people that keep a nation rolling. To celebrate them Renault launched the campaign: ”Du håller Sverige igång” (You keep Sweden rolling). The campaign … Read More

The 3 minute Miracle

CASE // AussieThe 3 minute Miracle It is a miracle Take an Aussie home for the best 3 minutes in your (hair’s) life. That was the message in an campaign we created for Reconstructor 3 minutes Miracle from Aussie. The outdoor part of the campaign was seen by thousands of people every day at Nørreport … Read More

Best performing film on Youtube

CASE // NESCAFÉWelcome to the coffee land Best performing film on Youtube 2016 in Denmark and Sweden Google and The Danish YouTube Ads Leaderboard for 2016 highlights the top ten performing ads on YouTube in Denmark and Sweden. And the winner for best performing film in 2016 is NESCAFÉ for “Welcome to the coffee lands … Read More

Launch campaign for Jabra

CASE // JabraLaunch campaign for Jabra Honestly… some month ago we were not too familiar with the term Unified Communications. But now we are totally down with UC. All the communication applications and gear that improves businesses and individuals’ productivity: Video conferences, Skype, calls via your computer etc. Don’t we all hate when these calls … Read More

NESCAFÉ Gold campaign in Norway

CASE // NESCAFÉ Gold campaign in Norway Gold is growing on trees To consolidate and increase their market share in Norway Nescafé wanted a tactical campaign for Nescafé Gull (Nescafé Gold). The campaign should ensure the consumer that Nescafé Gull is real coffee made from the finest coffee beans. At the same time should the … Read More

Logo and packaging design

CASE // PharmacosmosLogo and packaging design For the global launch of MonoFer, a high-dose iron preparation from Pharmacosmos, we developed a powerful graphic identity. The design had to be as instantly recognisable on the product packaging as it was across all digital and printed material. The audience was physicians and hospitals. Within its category MonoFer … Read More

Specialist within Health Care

REVOLT // HealthcareSpecialists within Healthcare You want to launch a pharmaceutical with new benefits for patients. But the doctors who are supposed to prescribe your product are not that interested … because they are busy, and they are bombarded with new products all the time. And at the end of the day … Does your … Read More